Grade A Mink Hairs to Synthetic Hollow

Enjoy it all VLC, Volume, Length and Curl and give your eyes the definition you always wanted!

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Individual Lash extensions
From Grade A mink hairs to synthetic hollow lashes, when it comes to your style of lash there is a variety to choose from. Guaranteed to not damage your natural lashes, individual lash extensions are applied with a medical grade adhesive one extension to one real lash. No more mascara to apply and clean off everyday. Enjoy it all VLC, Volume, Length and Curl and give your eyes the definition you always wanted!

Also known as microstroking, cosmetic tattooing, embroidery brows or semi-permanent make-up is relatively new form of European eyebrow tattoo. This technique is the most natural choice in eyebrow enhancement as it is applied by administering hair like strokes of ink that mimic each individual persons hair diameters, hair growth, and color. The job of the brow specialist is to give each client their own customized brow, one that properly suits their face as well as their preference. This service lasts 1-3 years and does not fade to green, grey, pink or purple but instead back to the clients natural skin tone. Imagine being waking up confident knowing you are always putting your best face forward, no fuss no brow powders.

Lash Lift
Imagine a flawless curl that lasts up to 3 months! No more lash curlers necessary! This technique uses safe solutions to set your lashes and is not harmful to the hair follicle or natural lash. In and out in under and hour and no more having to worry about taking the time to fuss with curlers that can snap the natural lash. Straight to mascara or nothing at all, your lashes will be much more noticeable and defined.

Semi-permanent Mascara
Do you love your mascara but find yourself getting tired of applying and removing it? This product uses a medical grade adhesive with qualities that mimic the appearance of mascara without the flaking, raccooning, running or need for daily application. The hair still breathes through the adhesive and is safe for lashes. It slowly dissipates, as it is water -soluble about 2-4 weeks after application. Choose your look from natural to dramatic by applying coats to add volume. If the lashes are not naturally curly a lash lift is necessary for the ideal look.

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