California Tan Auto Bronzer

Our Auto Bronzer has been featured on MTV Canada, E! Talk News, and City Line!


The AutoBronzer dramatically changes automated spray tanning to a sophisticated treatment application – virtually free of unwanted and unpleasant overspray and skin over-saturation. It has a most appealing non-claustrophobic, open-air design. Spray solution is charged with electro-static technology so that it is attracted to the tanner’s body, not all over the booth! Sprays in a matter of seconds, dries in minutes. In just seconds, you will be bronzed and beautiful with a natural-looking spray tan. All of our UV-free spray tanning booths give you a ‘just from the beach’ look in seconds. The perfect tan for any event or occasion is just minutes away at any of our conveniently located spray tanning Spas. The tan lasts about 5-10 days and is comprised of all Premium natural ingredients. The solution goes on clear and developes in as little as 1-3 hours. California Tan Auto Bronzer solutions are formulated to out-perform other solutions with an exclusive combination of advanced self-tanning technology and progressive skincare. Our Auto Bronzer has been featured on MTV Canada, E! Talk News, and City Line! Benefits of the California Tan Auto Bronzer:

  • Open, non-claustrophobic, for a comfortable and stress-free tan.
  • Full-body spray tan and auto dry in under one minute.
  • Choice of three tanning levels based on body shape and size.
  • Private, fast, and convenient with only 2 body positions.

Best for: All skin types!

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