Botox Jaw Reduction Treatment

Soften Your Jawline without Invasive Surgery

What is the “Botox Jaw slimming” or “Botox jaw reduction treatment”?
Non surgical jaw reduction or non surgical face slimming can be achieved with neuromodulators like Botox, Xeomin or Dysport in certain individuals. The neuromodulators, Botox or Xeomin reduce or soften the jaw by weakening the overlying masseter muscle or the chewing muscles, which leads to reduction in the size of the masseter muscle over time. The result is a softer angle of the jaw and a slimmer, more feminine facial shape.

Who is a candidate for the Xeomin or Botox Jaw reduction treatment?
Anyone with well developed jaw muscles leading to excessively wide jawline due to the bulk of these muscles AND interested in softening the jawline for a slimmer, heart shaped, or more feminine appearing face shape is a candidate for this procedure. The results of this treatment can be predicted by estimating the strength and size of your jaw muscles before the treatment. Beauty Bar Medical Clinic assesses every patient before any treatment to determine the safety and effectiveness of all the cosmetic skin treatments. The masseter muscle strength and size can be estimated by feeling the outer jaw line just below the ear as you clench down your teeth. If you can appreciate the size and strength of this muscle then you are likely to have good results from this procedure.

How do neuromodulators ( Botox or Xeomin) reduce the size of my jaw line?
When a neuromodulator like Botox or Xeomin is injected into the jaw muscle it partially relaxes it making it weaker. Over time the weaker muscle undergoes partial atrophy (breakdown) due to underuse, thereby reducing the size of the muscle and slimming the jawline. This type of jaw slimming is only observed in properly selected individuals which is why every patient needs thorough evaluation and explanation of realistic expectations; Beauty Bar Medical Clinic takes the time to evaluate each patient and sets forth realistic expectations for each procedure before any treatment.

Is the Botox/Xeomin jaw slimming treatment painful?
Beauty Bar Medical Clinic uses very small cosmetic needles, ice pack and chiller during the treatment to minimize any discomfort associated with the procedure. The needle stick pain is mild and transient. There may be mild tenderness of the treated area for one to three days after the treatment.

How long will the result last?
The slimming of the jawline with Botox /Xeomin injection may last between three to six months depending on individual differences in the size, strength of the jaw muscles and rate of metabolism of the neuromodulator. Beauty Bar Medical Clinic suggests refraining from chewing gum or other activities leading to strengthening of jaw muscles to prolong the results. Individuals who repeat this treatment regularly may increase the duration of jaw slimming effect up to a year and may require a smaller dose of the neuromodulator to maintain the slim face.

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