Fat Cracker for Fat Removal

Beauty Bar Medical Clinic is proud to be the first practice in the Greater Toronto Area to introduce the Fat Cracker in conjunction with the revolutionary CoolSculpting treatment.

Fat Cracker, or Acoustic Wave Therapy (also known as AWT), is a wand-like technology that uses shockwaves to treat the weakness of the connective tissues of the abdomen, upper arm, legs and buttocks quickly, gently and affectively. When combined with the popular CoolSculpting procedure, “fat cracking” offers 25% better results and speeds up your fat reduction. Clinically tested with fast, visible results, the name says it all. Using the Fat Cracker for CoolSculpting treatments makes the post massage – usually performed by nurses with their hands – more effective as the nurses massage the treated area with the Fat Cracking wand.

As an exclusive benefit to Beauty Bar Medical Clinic patients, there is no additional charge for this treatment when they purchase their CoolSculpting Package. Patients are encouraged to call for their consultation and be on their way to a slimmer you.

Benefits of Fat Cracker Treatment

  • Quickly apparent results
  • Pain-free and comfortable procedure
  • Beautiful results that last a long time
  • Technology that is tested and proven to work

Fat Cracker for Cellulite Reduction
Cellulite typically appears on the thighs, buttocks and upper arms. An imbalance between fat production and fat breakdown within the cells leads to the formation of large fat cells that are typical of cellulite, giving the skin the dimpled appearance.

Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT), in conjunction with our Accent XL® Radiofrequency Treatment, can be performed on patients of any age. It helps the skin regain natural elasticity and firmness, improving figure and helping lose inches!

On average each cellulite treatment takes about 15 minutes. Depending on the degree of cellulite, 6 to 10 sessions at 3 to 4 times per week may be necessary. Studies conducted in Switzerland, Germany and the United States have shown a 100% improvement in skin elasticity in the female patients treated. All women participating in this study were highly satisfied with the Acoustic Wave Treatment. AWT uses acoustic sound waves which are gently introduced into the affected body regions.

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