PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment for Hair

The # 1 Non-surgical solution for Hair Restoration.
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Proven Effective Non-surgical Alternative for Hair Restoration
Looking for a hair restoration solution without having to undergo surgery? At Beauty Bar Los Angeles Medical Clinic we provide a non-surgical, all-natural, and safe alternative to help with your hair loss. If you are experiencing hair loss, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) might be an effective option for you.

PRP Therapy is a hair loss treatment which involves an injection to the scalp that restores miniaturized hair follicles. The injection helps stimulates follicular progenitor cells to become healthier and larger, promoting thicker hair growth while reducing hair loss.

Whether you are male or female suffering from hair loss, PRP therapy can repair damaged tissue and produce results.
No Medication. No Hair Transplants. No Downtime. No Cutting. No Pain.

How does PRP Hair therapy work?
Our PRP procedure begins with a complimentary consultation in which we provide a specialized assessment of hair loss and a recommendation for an appropriate procedure. Blood is then extracted from the patient. This would be spun through a centrifuge, leaving only the rich cells, or platelets, remaining. The highly concentrated platelets contain protein that promotes growth of cells and hair follicles, essential for stimulating hair restoration. The platelet rich plasma is then injected into the scalp through the french made U225 the most effective Meso Therapy Injector.

Platelet Rich Plasma works by enhancing and strengthening your own existing hair follicles. One reason for thinning hair is follicles with low hair density. By activating follicular progenitor cells (adult stem cells) the application of PRP causes weak hair follicles to become healthier and larger, producing more robust hair growth.

New hair growth can be seen as early as 2 months, but is typically evident between 5-8 months and will continue to improve up to a year after your treatment at our Los Angeles clinic.

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Revitacare Hair Vitamin

Hair vitamin treatments are then administered in between your PRP treatments in order to provide your scalp with essential vitamins that will reverse the signs of hair loss and increase the overall health of your scalp for both men and women.

Some of the benefits of undergoing PRP therapy at our LA medical spa clinic include some of the following:

• No Medication
• Your Hair Loss is stopped
• New Hair Growth is activated
• Vitality, color and brightness of your hair is enhanced
• Grey Hair is reversed
• Safe
• Non-surgical
• All-natural
• Quick recovery time
• No scarring
• Effective results
• Affordable









How many PRP treatments do I need?
This may vary depending on hair condition and your expectations.
3 treatments, every 3-6 weeks apart is normal. Once you and the doctor are happy with the results you may maintain the result with maintenance treatments every 12 months.

What can I expect following my PRP treatment?
Patients can go straight back to work, there is no down time, no pain and no anaesthesia.