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Sculptra Butt Lift

New Sculptra Butt Lift

Sculptra is a Dermal Collagen Stimulator that has traditionally been used for facial rejuvenation; however the use of Sculptra in other areas (such as buttocks) has become increasingly popular since its FDA approval in North America and has a long history of being used worldwide since 1999. Sculptra buttocks augmentation is an ideal treatment for candidates whom don’t have enough fat to undergo Brazilian Butt Lift procedures or whom prefer not to undergo invasive surgery.

Sculptra Buttocks Lift produces a subtle and natural-looking firmness, roundness and contour to the buttocks area while being completely non-surgical. The treatment can be completed in under an hour at our Los Angeles clinic so patients can conveniently fit in treatments around their busy schedules. Results last from two to three years without a lengthy recovery period! For the greatest results, the average patient is recommended 2-3 treatments over a few months time. Ideal candidates for Sculptra buttocks lift must understand that the process can take several months as the collagen is restored and gradually fills the buttocks. Results are shown in a gradual time period.

Do you desire a more contoured and a more attractive backside but are wary of traditional invasive methods of buttocks lift and augmentation? Sculptra butt lift may be your solution. Book your complimentary consultation at our West Hollywood clinic to get started on your transformation!

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